How to Overcome Challenges of Online Education

One of the greatest myths of online education is that is easier than attending campus classes. There are many advantages to taking classes online, however just as in any class there are also challenges. This article will focus on how to overcome challenges of online education.

Online education offers many benefits including flexibility in attending class and completing assignments, the ability for students to balance school with work and family life, and the convenience of attending class from any location with an internet location. Students still have the opportunity to interact with the instructor, other classmates, and participate in interactive learning experiences like YouTube videos, slide shows, and discussions groups.

So with all these great benefits, what are some of the challenges an online student may encounter? Online classes offer students the flexibility to do the class on their home, which can be one of the difficulties if time is not managed wisely. Some students report that since they do not have to face their teacher in person each week, they do not feel the same pressure to be prepared for class. This can make it easier to fall behind on assignments and reading when they are left to their own devices.

When starting an online class, it is important to make a commitment to remain self-motivated to participate in the class. Many students say one of the best ways to avoid falling behind is not to procrastinate until the last minute. When you don’t have in person reminders that due dates and tests are coming up, it’s easy to push the work your coursework to the back of your mind. However, by setting realistic goals to work on the class a little bit each day you will remain on top of the assignments.

Another challenge reported by online students are the extra distractions that sometimes occur when you are studying online. These can includes things like interruptions from family and friends at home, text messages, email, Facebook, or even just mindless web surfing. When we are sitting in a class listening to a teacher lecture in person, it is more natural to put our phone away and offer our full attention to the material being presented. Even though your instructor is presenting the information in a virtual format, they have used their expertise to prepare lectures and materials that will help you learn the information in the best way possible.

If you give into these distractions, the five minutes wasted here and there quickly add up and you might find your work is not getting completed. Just as if you were attending a campus course, make arrangements to give yourself study time free from interruptions. Try to find a quiet room and dedicate time to work on the class without worrying about missing phone calls from friends or checking to see who is chatting on Facebook. You will be surprised to see how much you can accomplish when you focus your attention without distractions until the task is completed. After just a few focused study sessions, you will have a good routine establish that will help to achieve a successful semester online.

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