The Future of Online Education

Let's face it, online education is not only reputable (if you know what you're doing), but also increasingly in rapid popularity in our country. Today we present you with an infographic that will help you understand the state of education, the numbers, tuition costs, and the future of online education. 


Interesting Stats:

  1. Those with a college degree earn an average of 132% more money than those without a high school diploma.
  2. 89% of public universities offer online courses
  3. Online colleges are growing 10 times faster than traditional colleges
  4. The three most popular online degrees are: business administration, accounting, and information technology.
  5. 6.7 million students are enrolled in at least 1 online course.
  6. An average of 33,000 + students are enrolled in single MOOC course!
  7. edX, Udacity, coursera are the major players in the new trend of MOOC's.

What is the future of online education?

The future lies in MOOC's; this acronym stands for massive, open, online course. The premise of the MOOC is that students can join for free and take courses. There are thousands of students per classe and it's a self-paced learning that is either graded by an instructor or peers. The school may or may not accept the credit. When you finish your MOOC courses, you will be able to purchase a certificate of completion for a nominal fee. 

We hope you've enjoyed this infographic. What are your thoughts about these stats and the rise of MOOC's? We'd love to hear below. 

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